Airport Pick-Up and Drop-Off

Visa Documents
Office of International Programmes in collaboration with the Passages Office assists international students and visitors monitor their non-immigrant visa status. International students and visitors can visit for information on Nigeria Immigration Service.

Airport Pick-Up and Drop-off
Airport pick-up of international visitors usually begins with a request for the flight details of the visitor(s). The details usually requested for include the airline the visitor will be traveling with, arrival (usually at the Lagos Airport) and departure at the end of the stay. The reception team may comprise the driver of the reception vehicle and University officials. Arrangements outside this, using recognized travel services may be planned, particularly if the visitor requires transit accommodation due to the time of his or her arrival/departure.

The procedure at the airport is usually easy and straight forward. If the visitor is not already known to anybody in the reception team, a cardboard with his/her name clearly written on it is carried along and displayed as the passengers approach the arrival lounge at the airport for identification; after the visitor has been identified, the journey back to Ibadan commences.

The Office of International Programmes will be ready to assist international students/visitors who may require Airport pick-up on arrival to the University of Ibadan.

On the completion of his/her visit, the visitor is returned to the airport for the return journey. Please note that this service is optional. Kindly contact the Office of International Programmes for further details.