Places of Interest

UI Cultural Heritage Museum:
The University of Ibadan Cultural Heritage Museum is located in a gallery inside the Trenchard Hall, overlooking the Tower Court. Over three hundred pieces of amazing collection of fabric, wooden, ceramics and metal cultural objects are on display in the museum. These objects, in addition to their restoration have also been digitized and can be watched on the multimedia screens in the museum.

UI Theater Museum and Library:
This is situated behind Car Park A, close to the main gate of the university. It was established in 2007 to preserve the history of theater in Nigeria. The collection of various artifacts, pictures and theater paraphernalia found in the museum has assisted in defining the role of arts theater in the advancement of theater scholarship and professionalism.

The National Archives:
Situated along the Chapel Road, opposite the Conference Centre, the National Archives stores ancient documents for researchers and postgraduate students to access. A token user fee is charged on the presentation of a letter of introduction before students are allowed access.

Recreation Centres

There are several recreation spots in the University of Ibadan. They are:

  1. Zoological Garden: The Zoological Garden was established in 1949. It is outstanding for recreation and it is also educative. It is open all year round from 8 am to 6 pm. The zoo has a wide variety of snakes, crocodiles, turtles, birds and animals. The greatest attractions are the monkeys, baboons and chimpanzees. The gate fee is moderate.
  2. UI Botanical Garden: The Botanical Garden located along Veterinary - Ajibode Road, exists primarily to provide for botanical teaching and research in the university as well as recreation for all users. It has a wide range of plants in the open and a few in shaded houses. The botanical garden is composed of different sections and gardens- The conserved area, the horticultural garden, the nursery, the children’s garden, the rock garden, the open field, the arboretum, the administrative building and the medicinal garden.
  3. Gamaliel Onosode Park: The park is located behind Trenchard Hall and was donated to the university by the Nigeria Stock Exchange in honor of Mr. Gamaliel Onosode’s 50th graduation anniversary; Mr. Onosode is a distinguished alumnus of the University of Ibadan. The park is a cool relaxation spot with shelters protecting visitors from rain or sun.
  4. Heritage Park: The Heritage Park is located along Oduduwa road, opposite Queen Elizabeth Hall. It was built by the postgraduate school as a relaxation centre; a fountain is its distinguishing feature.

Other places of interest outside Ibadan are Osun Osogbo located at Osogbo in Osun State, the ancient Ife town, Olumirin water falls located at Erin-Ijesa in Osun State and Idanre Hills. Visits to the places of interest outside Ibadan will be made on special arrangement with the departments students/visitors are affiliated to and Office of International programmes.