Many shops are spread all over the university campus. Shopping for books and stationery can be done at the University Bookshop while groceries are sold at the grocery stands next to the Senior Staff Club lawn tennis court. Food items such as fresh meat/poultry, vegetables,  pepper, etc can be purchased on campus at the abattoir close to the

Department of veterinary medicine and Agriculture farm at Faculty of Agriculture  respectively while they are also available in major markets outside the campus like Bodija and Sango main markets. Fresh bread can be purchased at the University Bakery and table water at U.I waters close to the U.I second gate. . There is a large shopping complex directly opposite the university main gate-Agbowo shopping complex where a variety of things are sold. There are various supermarkets outside the campus from which International Visitors/students can purchase varieties of products/groceries for their need. Such supermarkets include Shoprite, Foodco, Foodies, Zenco and Feedwell.