We hereby invite you to the 7th ASIIN-FIGURE Global Annual Conference 2021

"Digitalisation - Innovation - Competitiveness in the (Post) -Covid Era:

European and Global Higher Education Reinventing Itself".


The conference will take place on 4/5th November 2021 in Paris at Sorbonne University, the  corresponding registration link is:    https://www.asiin.de/en/asiin-figure-global-conference-2021.html.

The future of Global STEM higher education will be discussed in the context of digitalization and increasing pressure to innovate and compete under the conditions of the pandemic. The conference will allow exchange of new ideas of innovative ways in which higher education institutions need to reinvent themselves in order to remain competitive.

The program (see attached file) includes topics such as new forms of teaching and learning (web-based learning) in the digital age, the question of whether and how universities will offer digital study programs and laboratory training in the future, urgently needed adjustments in digital examination formats, fresh ideas for modernising all three levels of higher education (Bachelor, Master and Ph.D.) as well as the quaternary field, and, of course, new developments in quality assurance for these new study formats,  all of this discussed within the framework of the competitiveness of the European education system by high quality experts.

The Global Conference 2021 is a face-to-face event and our partners at Sorbonne University have given us the feedback that this is possible for fully vaccinated or recovered individuals, as well as individuals with a negative test result, without any restrictions at this stage.

Important notice:

An "early-bird" discount of 10% is available until and including September 26! *

It is also clear that if, contrary to expectations, the conference cannot take place as a face-to-face event, you can decide whether you want to

 a) either get the full conference fee refunded or

 b) participate in a digital conference format at significantly reduced registration costs, so you are on the safe side here!

For more information, please click https://drive.google.com/file/d/12e7dJlO_1LKpCs4fQWtQCaIpgZFVsNls/view?usp=sharing

We look forward to welcoming you in Paris


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