Updates/Report from Beneficiaries of MOU Between University of Ibadan and Michigan State University

A four-man team from the Department of Agric Extension, University of Ibadan visited the Office of International Programmes on the 6 June, 2018 to give an update on the beneficiaries of the staff and student exchange programme based on the collaboration between University of Ibadan (UI) and Michigan State University (MSU). The team consists of Professor Kabir Salman, Dr Oyinkan Tasire; Michigan State University, Dr. Ogunbayo, Osawe Wellington; a PhD student in University of Ibadan and a beneficiary of the student exchange programme. The team was received by the Director of OIP; Professor A. B. Ekanola and Mrs Mobolaji Bankole; Principal Executive Officer, OIP.

While receiving them, Professor Ekanola expressed his gratifying state about the fact that the MoU between University of Ibadan and Michigan State University is functional. He described this as a heartening development and requested for a written report from the beneficiaries of the exchange programme in order to have a proper record and also to showcase and publicize the projects done in OIP’s newsletter. This, he said, will serve as encouragement to others.

Professor Kabir Salman gave a brief report and recommendation emanating from his visit to Michigan State University. He highlighted two important things which are engaging in more research and collaborations in terms of engaging the community and private sectors and encouraging expatriates and Faculty members from other countries to come into the Academic system.  In response, Professor Ekanola stated that the Internationalisation agenda in University of Ibadan and other Nigerian Universities is faced with and sometimes limited by the problem of socio-political and socio-economic stability and thereby encouraged that Academia should speak positively about our institution and country.

Osawe Wellington; a third year PhD student and beneficiary of the student exchange programme at Michigan State University in his report stated that he studied two courses while he was at Michigan State University, one was credit based and the other was audited and he came out as one of the best in the class. He mentioned his new training on Arrow programming; a new method used in data analysis which he plans to train students in Department of Agric- Economics at both graduate and undergraduate levels. Based on the identified gaps between curriculum of UI and MSU, he recommended that UI’s graduate curriculum be reviewed in order to close the gaps.

The Director of Office of International Programmes prescribed that processes will be improved as much as possible as well as review and implementation.