Other Relevant Information

Financial Information
It is the responsibility of all students to arrange to cover the cost of their education and meet the university’s payment deadlines. The financial demands on new students are usually highest at the beginning of the academic year. It is therefore important that students plan their finances carefully to cover registration, tuition, accommodation and other fees recommended by the university.

Prospective visiting and exchange students are required to e-mail the Office of International Programmes for fees enquires. It is important to note that all fees are subject to change on a yearly basis. Contact the Office of International Programmes for further information on recommended fees by the university.

Information for International Visitors
Prospective international visitors are requested to provide the following information by e-mail to OIP prior to their visit:

  • Curriculum vitae
  • Detailed information on proposed visit or programme
  • Arrival and departure dates

Study Abroad
The University of Ibadan serves as Host University to study abroad programmes for institutions outside Nigeria. The Office of International Programmes facilitates and coordinates various aspects of study abroad programmes for partner institutions by providing academic and non-academic support services within the country and in neighboring West African countries. Student exchange coordinators are encouraged to contact the OIP for more information.