IMG-20200316-WA0008_1.jpgThe University of Ibadan signed an MOU with the University of Portsmouth in June 2019 for research collaboration and exchange of staff and students. This made it possible for two representatives of the University of Portsmouth – Prof. Tony Chafer and Dr. Edward Stoddard to visit Ibadan from June 19-22, 2019 for an inauguration seminar on “Security Studies in Africa”. The seminar ended on the note that the University of Ibadan would equally visit the University of Portsmouth in 2020. The University of Ibadan honoured this agreement when it sent five us to Portsmouth from March 2-5 2020 for a joint seminar on “Peace, Security and Conflict in West Africa and the Sahel”. Delegates from University of Ibadan arrived Portsmouth on March 1, 2020 and started meetings in the evening of same day. This enabled them to review the progress made on the relationship between the two universities and then take a final look at the agenda of the seminar starting the next day. The seminar started 9am on March 2 with participants from different parts of the United Kingdom: not just the University of Portsmouth. There was also a participant from Spain and few guests from the UK government (most especially Ministry of Defense) and some security management academies. The keynote address was presented by Prof. Isaac O. Albert on “Agenda 2063 and the Mantra of African Solutions to African Problems”. His lecture reviewed the emerging security threats in West Africa and called cursory attention to the role that the University of Ibadan could play in partnership with the University of Portsmouth in addressing the problems. He also positioned the University of Ibadan as being ready to support the post-Brexit UK. The lecture was followed by three “Roundtables” where the other members of the Ibadan delegation spoke on the following issues: The first panel presentation was titled, Contemporary Security Dynamics in Nigeria which was chaired by Dr Melita Lazell, of the Centre for European and International Studies Research, The presenters comprised;

 1. Prof. T.A. Akanji, Institute for Peace and Strategic Studies, University of Ibadan, Nigeria. Topic presented was; Strategic Initiatives for Sustainable Interagency Collaboration in Nigeria’s Security Sector: An Integrated Institutional Approach to Reforms

2. Dr. Ed Stoddard, Centre for European and International Studies Research Are Jihadist Groups ‘Antifragile’? The Case of ISWAP (ISWA Nigeria and ex-ISGS)

 3. Dr. Akali Omeni, Dept. of Politics and International Relations, University of Leicester Insurgency and War in Nigeria- 

Panel 2 titled Roundtable Two: Region-wide Security Dynamics in the Sahel was chaired by: Ms Sorina Toltica, University of Portsmouth, and the presenters comprised;

1. Prof. E.A. Aiyede, Department of Political Science, University of Ibadan, Nigeria. Social Protection and the ECOWAS Conflict Prevention Framework: Emerging Issues, Policy Trends and Options

2. Prof. O.O. Olaniyan, Centre for Sustainable Development, University of Ibadan, Nigeria.  Climate Change, Human Security and Sustainable Development: Will West Africa be Left Behind?

3. Dr Melita Lazell, Centre for European and International Studies Research The securitization of UK development aid to the Sahel: Priorities and Practice.

Panel three was titled (Problematic) Solutions to Sahelian Security Crises? Chair: Dr Melita Lazell, University of Portsmouth 

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